Good nutrition is crucial for maximising player development and performance. If an individual player fuels their body correctly by eating the right foods at the right time not only will they improve their technical and physical skills, it will also help to aid injury prevention.

Our highly qualified Nutritionist will deliver a series of educational workshops over the course of the season where parents and players will be advised about food types, balanced healthy meals, healthy snacks, and how nutrition can support development and performance. These workshops will take place at one of our weekly Goalkeeper Training venues, either before or after the session, and during our Holiday Courses.

Our Nutritionist will also be available for 1:1 support and will be able to guide players and parents on their food choices by suppling food diaries and nutrition plans

Please look out on our website and on our social media for our Nutrition Workshop announcements or if personal 1:1 support is of interest to you please contact to book a meeting.

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