Our Technical Coaching Sessions focus on teaching young goalkeepers, aged 6-16+ years, the core technical goalkeeping skills required to succeed in the modern game. Our highly qualified Technical Coaches will work from an age specific syllabus and will deliver sessions on handling, footwork, shot stopping, reactions, distribution and dealing with crosses.

We also offer Elite Goalkeeper Coaching Sessions for goalkeepers aged 16+. There will also be an invite only policy for younger goalkeepers who require a greater challenge level to increase their learning and development.

Our Technical Coaching Sessions will also cater for the physical, psychological and social demands of the game. With support from our specialist coaches, physical development will be a focus of our sessions and young goalkeepers will have the opportunity to develop their speed, agility and quickness. 

Our Technical Coaching Sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Our coaches will target the psychological and social skills of each young goalkeeper by challenging them appropriately, giving them the best opportunity to develop their skills to the best of their ability in a safe, enjoyable environment, whilst building resilience, confidence and a love for the sport.

Technical Coaching Sessions will be available in a variety of forms to suit each individual goalkeeper. Weekly Goalkeeping Sessions will take place at one of our training venues across Sheffield and Rotherham and 1:1 Sessions will be available at an arranged time and location between the player and one of our coaches. Furthermore, we will also be offering Small Group Sessions and Club Sessions, in addition to our Holiday Courses.

If you are interested in our Technical Coaching Sessions please click here to book a session or for further information please contact enquiries@cyggoalkeeping.com

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