Weekend Successes

Congratulations to all CYG Goalkeeper's who have been recognised in recent weeks for their success on and off the field. Over the last few weeks we have been sent many pictures and comments from parents and we like to recognise these young goalkeepers for their hard work, effort and commitment, which has enabled them to reap the rewards on the pitch.

Congratulations to WILLIAM, who attends our SGP Graves sessions, who was awarded Player Of The Match in his fixture last weekend!

Congratulations to JUDE, who attends our sessions at SGP Westfield, who was awarded Player Of The Match and also received recognition from the opposition for his recent performance!

Finally...Congratulations to PAT, who also attends our sessions at SGP Westfield who pulled off a number of fine saves last weekend on route to achieving a well deserved clean sheet for him and his team!

Keep up the fantastic work and we look forward to working with you all in the coming weeks and continuing to support your development.


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